Vermont Cabinetry can create or duplicate a wide variety of custom stains, paints, and specialty finishes.  Browse the samples to get an idea of the many possibilities to create your cabinet’s distinct look and feel.

Wipe Stains:
Wipe stains are applied through a spray application followed by a hand-wiping technique, removing the excess material to enhance wood grain and characteristics. Wipe stains will show some color variation.

Spray No-Wipe Stains:
No-wipe stains are applied through a spray application, with no hand wiping following the application. This method provides a more consistent look and even color with less blotchiness than hand-wipe stains.

Used on maple and medium density fiberboard; two coats of paint primer are applied through spray application followed by a pigmented conversion topcoat. Paint colors are opaque, covering the wood grain and wood characteristics to provide a solid color and very smooth finish.

Glazing is available in brown, black, tan, and white, and can be applied over any stained or painted finish. This technique is applied and removed with either a rag or brush to achieve the desired look. Each individual piece is a work of art and will have its own unique look; no two pieces will exactly match.

A colored material is sprayed over a base stain then removed by highlighting certain areas of each part to achieve the desired look. Highlighting is done by hand, so each piece will have its own identity.

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Carmel Alder Natural Alder Regal Cherry Alder Windsor Mahogany Cherry Autumn Wheat Cherry Natural Cherry Regal Hickory Brandy Hickory Fawn Hickory Mocha Maple Buttermilk Maple Dixie Mahogany Maple Natural Maple Windsor Mahogany Champagne Basil Eggshell Iceland Washington Cherry Sage